Green Ops Defensive Carbine II — a high-value training experience

Most of us have been told that firearms training is important and valuable. Maybe even essential.

But my own early experiences with formal training were disappointing.

In fact, I found that there was a significant disconnect between the ostensible value of firearms training and what I actually experienced in those…

🎵 Hello darkness my old friend 🎵

Quick preface: Below I’ve pasted the entirety of my comment on the ATF’s new proposed rule regarding pistol braces/brace-equipped pistols. This is one of the worst measures I have seen the ATF propose — and that’s saying something. In short, this rule would turn many thousands — possibly millions —…

Even diminutive automatic knives like this Microtech are subject to a mess of federal, state, and local policies. However, many excellent state-level reforms have been achieved in recent years. Federal policy should move to keep up.

The New York Times editorial board probably doesn’t strike you as a champion of Second Amendment rights. Sometimes, though, a law is so obviously ridiculous that surprising voices rise against it.

In 2016, the Times shed light on an archaic New York law that banned “gravity knives,” knives with an…

Mark Houser

Writing on the right to bear arms, gun policy, gun culture, and related issues

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